Bot management for SMEs

Protecting clients and saving on bot resources Best Practice for Bot Protection

“Large companies have dedicated security teams to manage and prevent bot attacks and still routinely fail. Smaller companies don't have a chance.”

Smaller companies often don't have dedicated resources to deal with cybersecurity threats, and often chose to rely on 3rd party cloud-based services to help control their infrastructure.

Bot management typically requires expensive solutions based on JavaScript that need installing on every website page, and maintaining. The cost of these alone is usually prohibitive, but the additional management required makes this impractical.

How WebHosting companies can save on bandwidth and system resource and offer their clients a valuable security benefit.

At VerifiedVistors, we have built a product that is radically different from any of the others in the marketplace.
Our managed service uses machine learning at it's heart to automate the entire process of managing and maintaining a bot whitelist. We've catalogued all the commercial bots, and ensured we have multi-factor authentication in place to verify each and every bot visitor.

Our API service allows you to set- and forget your bot whitelist. Once you have selected the bots you actually want, all the updates and management occurs automatically.
This allows webhosting companies to offer a bespoke tailored service for each client's unique visitor profile, without the overhead and management expense.


Typically webhosting companies can cut down between 20-40% of their incoming traffic by excluding the bots they don't want.

One of our clients installed VerifiedVisitors across 55 websites of all types, ranging from ecom, to pure content based and informational and promotional web sites.

Each site was set up with it's customised bot whitelist in place, and traffic was measure over a 30 days period.

Across all the sites the saving was 28%.